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Dare Obasanjo's Blog Recently I've been bumping into more and more people who've either left Google to come to Microsoft or got offers from both companies and picked Microsoft over Google. I believe this is part of a larger trend especially since I've seen lots of people who left the company for "greener pastures" return in the past year (at least 8 people I know personally have rejoined). However in this blog post I'll stick to talking about people who've chosen Microsoft over Google. First of all there’s the post by Sergey Solyanik entitled Back to Microsoft where he primarily gripes about the culture and lack of career development at Google, some key excerpts are Last week I left Google to go back to Microsoft, where I started this Monday (and so not surprisingly, I was too busy to blog about it) … So why did I leave? There are many things about Googl... (more)

Google's OpenSocial: A Technical Overview and Critique

Dare Obasanjo's Carnage4Life Blog One of the Google folks working on OpenSocial sent me a message via Facebook asking what I thought about the technical details of the recent announcements. Since my day job is working on social networking platforms for Web properties at Microsoft and I'm deeply interested in RESTful protocols, this is something I definitely have some thoughts about. Below is what started off as a private message but ended up being long enough to be its own article. First Impressions In reading the OpenSocial API documentation it seems clear that is intended to ... (more)

Are Interoperable Cloud Platforms Achievable?

Dare Obasanjo's Blog Although cloud computing vendors are not explicitly trying to lock-in customers to their platform, the fact is that today if a customer has heavily invested in either platform then there isn't a straightforward way for customers to extricate themselves from the platform and switch to another vendor. In addition there is not a competitive marketplace of vendors providing standard/interoperable platforms as there are with email hosting or Web hosting providers. Tim Bray has a thought provoking post on embracing cloud computing entitled Get In the Cloud where... (more)

Can One Size Fit All?

Traditionally, APIs for processing XML have been categorized according to whether they're designed for processing entire XML documents loaded in memory, such as the W3C DOM, or for processing XML in a streaming, forward-only fashion, such as SAX. However, these divisions do not fully represent the various classes of APIs for processing XML. In a recent article entitled "A Survey of APIs and Techniques for Processing XML," I describe six primary methodologies for processing XML. 1.  Push-model APIs such as SAX 2.  Pull-model APIs such as the .NET Framework's XmlReader class 3.  Tree-... (more)

Point/Counterpoint - September

Web Services Journal strives to bring the latest information regarding Web services to you in a variety of ways. In addition to our printed journal and digital edition, we have begun a series of Point/Counterpoint sessions with leading industry executives to determine their viewpoints and issues with various facets of Web services. Here is the second in an ongoing set of conversations regarding the industry. WSJ spoke with Mark Herring, Director, Sun Microsystems' Java, Web Services & Tools Business; and Dare Obasanjo, a member of Microsoft's WebData team. (The opinions stated he... (more)